Get the Look: Vintage Kids Playroom & Nursery Ideas

Planning on creating a dreamy, vintage kids playroom or nursery? Check out our ideas for the perfect furniture, accessories and décor!

grey scandi chair and childrens accessories

A child’s playroom or nursery should be a place of creativity, laughter and fun, which means you need furniture that can handle all that playtime and still look smart. This Get the Look is perfect to get ideas to create a vintage style kids playroom.

First of all, use child-friendly paint for walls in a neutral, calming colour: pale yellow, cream, light blue, pastel green all work well, especially combined with the lovely Rainbow Tiny Dots available from Etsy. Avoid red or purple as these colours tend to be stimulating. If you feel brave enough use chalk wall paint or stickers so that your little ones are free to draw on walls rather than on mum and dad's precious furniture.

Pick vintage accessories and toys that remind you of your own childhood like the dreamy Balloon Ceiling Light or the gorgeous racing car by Oskar and Catie. The rule is easy: the simpler the better.

Maximise on storage space as you're guaranteed to have plenty of stuff spread around after the little ones finish playing.

Complete your style with our hardwearing and family friendly Graffiti fabric, easy to clean and able to withstand everything but the kitchen sink. When used on our Elton Snuggler, it creates the perfect resting place, secret den or castle for your little ones to enjoy

1) Retro Style on Racing Car by Oskar & Catie
£89 – Not On The High Street

2) The Happy Prince and Other Stories
£2.50 - Waterstones

3) Geometric Wooden Shelves
£25 each – Urban Outfitters

4) Memory Ballon Ceiling Light by John Moncrieff
£154 – Not On The High Street

5) Decorative Wall Mounted Elephant Safari Animal Head
£89 – Not On The High Street

6) Sparky Beach Donkey
£59.95 – Sew Heart Felt

7) Rainbow Tiny Dots – Wall Decal
£34.86 - Etsy

8) Felissimo Colored Pencil subscription
Approx £9 - Felissimo

Design Tip: If your children loved The Happy Prince (as pictured, 2.) then pick up a copy of The Selfish Giant, another childhood favourite at A&J.

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