Get The Look: Private Members Club Design


For all those wanting to design their living room to mimic the design of a private club, this Get The Look is for you. Luxurious and exclusive feeling décor pamper the room, and elegant, distinguished tones are the defining feature. Only VIP's should enter this area, and you're one of them. We'll guide you through how to achieve this style, starting from the bare essentials all the way up to accessories to finish the feeling off.

Get The Look - Brown Leather Darcy


First things first, let's get your floor feeling luxurious with a gorgeous Sweater Wool Rug in charcoal. The deluxe feel of the rug will definitely impress both yourself, and those who visit. Regardless of the type of floor you have, a good quality rug will begin to set of the vibe and design of a private members club. Start moving up with a couple of high class accessories. The stylish Artichoke Lamp fits the look and feel of the style you're after, while offering practicality in the way of a warm, golden glow in the room. If you have a bare looking side table, a contemporary Hammer Effect Silver Plate makes any table liven up. If you're really going for that exclusive piece of décor, then a classic Record Player will definitely impress those who visit, and give authenticity to the exclusiveness of your living room.

Now that the floor and the accessories are sorted out, move on to the walls. Classic prints like GQ 1959 cover give your room more of a retro feel but again, coupled with the record player, will be oozing with authenticity and style.

You're almost done, now's the time to kick back and relax in your private club. Our Medium Darcy Sofa in Medal Leather is the only choice when it comes to exclusive feeling decor, the leather vibes compliment the authenticity of the decor surrounding you while providing unparalleled support and comfort. Sit back with a glass of whiskey or rum, kick up your feet with our Bounderby Square Footstall in Velvet - Navy and unwind in your very own private club.


1) Bounderby Square Footstall in Velvet - Navy
£460 - Arlo & Jacob

2) Hammered Effect Sliver Plate
£12.99 – Dunelm

3) Whiskey Wedge Glass
£14.95 – Lakeland

4) Mount Gay Rum Extra Old
£42.50 – Fortnum & Mason

5) The Little Book of Cocktails Book
£5.99 – ASOS

6) GQ Cover - May 1959 Print
From £132 – Conde Nast Collection

7) Artichoke Lamp
£99.99 – Zara Home

8) UO X Dansette Black Standing Record Player UK Plug
£250 – Urban Outfitters

9) Sweater Wool Rug - Charcoal
£39.95 - West Elm

Design Tip: This type of look can lend itself to creating a dark room. Add splashes of colours through your accessories