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Fabric Know-How

Beauty on any Budget

You can choose from endless fabrics to dress any shape and there's beauty on any budget, with fabrics priced from bands A-H and beyond. The price increases as you move up the alphabet and prices can vary by about £200+ between bands. When you shop our sofas and scroll down exploring the array of fabrics, the price increases. You can find an indication of the fabric band by clicking on the little information i - an example is shown below.

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How do you Live?

We’re all about tailoring our designs to suit your life. That’s why we offer over 120 House fabrics, alongside a gorgeous cast of designer options, too! We’re here to help you do away with decision anxiety by narrowing the field to just a few fabrics which line up perfectly with your vision, not just in terms of style but functionality as well. Whether you’re a neat freak, luxury-lover, eco-conscious, family-focused, or animal enthusiast, we’ve got a fabric just for you! 

Family Favourites

If you're after robust upholstery, we’d suggest going for a fabric composed of man-made fibres. The higher the polyester content, the more practical the fabric tends to be. For an even more bullet-proof solution, Aquaclean Fabrics are incredibly stain-resistant, thanks to an eco-friendly polymer coating over each individual fibre. 

Family Favourite Collections to covet include House Velvet, House Chenille, Allure, Caprini, Chambray, Fuse and Aqua Velvet, Bouclé and Chenilles.

Natural/Sustainable Fabrics

Natural fabrics are made from fibres such as cotton, linen, viscose, and wool. These fabrics tend to be full of character and charm. They also breathe beautifully and carry distinctive textures. They often call for a slightly higher investment, but we’re inclined to say they’re worth it! Our 100% Cotton Luxury Velvets age gracefully and take on their own patina and heritage over time. 

Sustainable Scandi Linen can show slight variances in slub texture and shade influenced by the seasonal nature of each crop. Wool has a rugged texture and brings a whole lot of warmth to its environment. For the most committed environmentalists among us, our soft Sustainable Plain and Stripe selections are completely recycled and call for very minimal water throughout the production process.

Luxury Fabrics

Our patterns showcase the best of British design and mix gorgeous illustrative repeats with confident abstract geometrics. Our Chief of Style, Julie Smith selects all the beautiful fabric looks across our shop floors and always intersperses an element of contrast into each scheme. Patterned fabric is almost always at the luxury end of the pricing spectrum. Make a bold statement across a whole piece or inject accents into scatter cushions, chairs and footstools to increase the wow factor!

Don't Forget!

Don’t forget, no matter what your choice is you can protect any fabric against everyday spills with our stellar Staingard dry insurance policy for 5 years peace of mind.

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