Designer Fabrics & Custom Upholstery

Despite having over 120 fabrics in our range, we know that sometimes you want something just a little unique and special to you. That’s why we offer custom upholstery on all of our pieces. You can either choose from the many fabric books in our showrooms (COS) or supply your own fabric (COF). In order for us to do this, there are some important things you need to know:

Customer’s Own Selection (COS) - is fabric selected from our range of books or furniture samples on display in the showrooms. Fabric is purchased by Arlo & Jacob.

Customer’s Own Fabric (COF) - is fabric which is purchased and supplied by the customer.

At the moment, Designer Fabric & Custom Upholstery orders can only be placed in our showrooms or over the phone. Please call 03300 945 855.

Upholstery Grade

The fabric you choose/supply must be Upholstery Grade. This means that it must conform to UK standards for Domestic Upholstery, and have a ‘Martindale’ rub count of 18,000 or more. If you are going to supply your own external fabric, you are responsible for ensuring it is of Upholstery Grade.

Fire Safety

The fabric you choose/supply must have an up to date FR certificate; this means it has passed the match and cigarette test. If it does not pass the match test, but passes the cigarette test, we can proceed with a flame-resistant interlining BUT ONLY if the fabric has a composition of more than 75% natural fibres (such as cotton, linen, viscose or wool). Anything less than this and you will be responsible for having your fabric FR treated before we can proceed; however, we can arrange to have your fabric FR treated for you at an additional cost. For more information, you can contact FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association). Please note, fabric that needs to be sent off for FR treatment can take up to 4 weeks to come back to the factory. You will need to supply the following fabric meterage:

Type of Treatment Minimum fabric requirement Additional meterage required for FR testing


FR back-coat FR back-coat testing FR interliner testing
Standard (domestic use) 5 metres +1 metre (cigarette & match test) +1 metre (cigarette test)
Crib 5 (commercial use) 5 metres + 1.5 metres +1.5 metres


Any fabric you send to us must be labelled clearly with your name, order number, and the name of your Sales Consultant or the Showroom that is processing your order.


We only accept fabric that is supplied on rolls. Each roll of fabric must have sufficient meterage to complete a single piece of furniture. We can accept multiple rolls of your fabric, i.e. if you order more than one piece in the same fabric, BUT ONLY when there is sufficient meterage on each roll to complete a single piece of furniture. While we aim to give you a quote that is as accurate as possible, please note that on very rare occasions, we may need to contact you for another metre or two of the fabric.


Each roll of fabric must be a minimum of 135 cm wide and no more than 155 cm wide to fit on our machines. We may be able to continue with your order if your fabric is less than 135 cm BUT ONLY if you inform us of this before the point of sale. We are not liable for cancelled orders in the event that you have not made us aware of a fabric roll narrower than 135 cm wide.

Pattern Matching

We are experts at our craft and we pattern match as standard. If your fabric has a pattern, our upholsterers will upholster your furniture with your chosen fabric to the very best of our ability on a piece-by-piece basis. However, specific pattern-matching may not always be possible. We do not have the capabilities to ‘panel’ match.


It is your responsibility to ensure that any fabric you supply us with has an up to date FR certificate (we can do this for you at an additional cost). You are liable for sending your COF fabric to our factory. When we are in possession of the fabric it becomes our property. We cannot return any scraps or offcuts of the material.

Commercial Use

Arlo & Jacob furniture is not guaranteed for commercial use as standard. If you require upholstery for commercial use, then it is your responsibility to obtain the exact specification and test standard you require your upholstery to meet (we can do this for you at an additional cost). For expert advice and guidance, we recommend contacting FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) or reading their guide on fire safety requirements.

Where to Send Your Fabric

If you choose from our designer fabric books, we will arrange delivery of your custom fabric. If you are going to send us your chosen fabric, you will need to send it to:

FAO A&J Custom Orders
Wellbeck House
Unit D Long Eaton Industrial Estate
Field Farm Road
Long Eaton
NG10 3FZ

Expected Delivery

The estimated date of furniture delivery will start once we have received your fabric and relevant fire certification. Please note FR treatment might extend your lead time by an additional 4 weeks.


We do accept returns on custom upholstered pieces; however, we can only offer a refund of 50% of the sale price.

If you have any questions, please call us on 03300 945 855.

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