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How to Choose
Between a Corner
Sofa and a
Normal Sofa

There are so many styles of sofa you can choose from for your home. There are chaise, modular, corner, two-seater, three-seater, and many more styles! Sometimes all this choice can be a little overwhelming. Here we take a closer look at the two most popular sofa styles and compare the pros and cons of corner sofas versus normal sofas.

Corner Sofa

Why Choose a Corner Sofa?

Corner sofas are distinctly modern in style and naturally suit contemporary homes. They allow you to maximise your floor space, or create different zones within a larger living area by introducing a natural partition.

Is a Corner Sofa right for me?

Like all sofas, corner sofas come in a range of sizes, with seat cushions of various depths. If you have a particularly small or narrow living room, then either one of our compact corner sofas would be ideal. If you have the benefit of more space and you’re less restricted, look at large and grande corner styles with luxuriously deep seat cushions.

Our corner sofas will always have adjoining seams where two cushions meet on the corner units. If you prefer the smooth, clean lines of a bench-style seat cushion, you’ll only be able to achieve this look with a normal sofa. Whereas, if you prefer to have separate cushions that cup each individual person’s shape, then a corner sofa or normal sofa with individual seat cushions could be perfect for you.


Are Corner Sofas Comfortable?

The type of sofa you choose is not solely down to the shape and style of your room. It’s also about comfort, which is completely subjective from person to person. Read our Sofa Comfort Guide for more information on different cushion fills and advice on how to choose the most comfortable sofa for your space.

Normal Sofas

Why Choose a Standard Format Sofa?

If you like the modern feel of a corner sofa, but would rather keep to a more linear format, there are plenty of models to suit, such as our Henry and Grace. Normal sofas follow the standard shape, but they come in many sizes and variations. Some have slim frames, wide frames, scroll arms, T-arms, castor legs, button backs, high backs, or low backs - to name but a few! You perhaps have slightly more flexibility about where you’re going to place your furniture with a normal sofa as they can look fantastic placed at an angle or paired opposite one another, which is less feasible with a corner sofa.

Looking for a More Traditional Sofa Style?

For more classically styled homes or period properties, we would suggest sticking to a traditionally shaped sofa which will complement the internal architecture of the house. Traditionally shaped sofas like our Grace and Agatha are ideal for period properties since their designs derive from old-school staples, albeit with a modern, comfort-forward update. Take a look at the types of traditional sofas available, with classic features like scroll arms and castor legs.

Modular Sofas

How about a Sofa Designed for Flexible Living?

Still not quite certain? For those who like to keep their options open, we’d recommend one of our many modular models! These are flexible little numbers that can expand, contract, or change format by remixing the individual units which make them up.

Our Otto design, for example, is an incredibly adaptable option. We offer end units with super comfortable, chunky armrests. You can then extend the length of your sofa by adding filler units in between two ends - or keep one side open for an airy, contemporary look! We also offer corner units which allow you to shape the sofa to your space. Finally, our loafer unit allows you to create a sectional sofa with a spot to pop your feet up! Explore all of our modular designs to settle on the perfect sofa for your space and style.