Cocktail Chairs

Enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple in one of our chic and sophisticated cocktail chairs. Smaller than larger armchairs, a cocktail chair is not only a beautiful addition to your space, but also a practical space-saving option if you don’t have room for bigger pieces of furniture. Say cheers in one of our cocktail chairs.

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Vesper Cocktail Chair

It’s always time for your favourite tipple in our impressive, fluted-back Vesper cocktail chair. This mid-century inspired, striking chair has coil springs, making this the most comfortable spot to sit, rest and entertain.

Celia Cocktail Chair

A perfectly petite, French-inspired chair, Celia is elegant and graceful. Ideal for dressing tables, bedrooms and boudoirs, reading hideaways and hallways, Celia is a versatile chair brimming with charming character and simple French style.

2 Item(s)