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We love a touch of retro around here! We pride ourselves on striking the right balance between the vintage look and contemporary feel. We’ve taken all the gorgeous design elements of those antique finds and paired them with the comfort and quality of today.

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There’s a real beauty to retro furniture, in all its faded grandeur. From proper antique finds to more recent vintage beauties, we like to draw inspiration from the very best of the past. We’ve adapted the most eye-catchingly gorgeous design elements into fresh models made for modern life. Plus, you can personalise each one to suit your style and space! Choose a more compact chair like our Vesper to suit a cosy cocktail area. Or you can go bold with an Alice tub chair with its beautifully buttoned back. Amplify the effect by pairing your chair with a matching sofa to create a clean look. No matter how you format your space, our retro designs are sure to infuse an added burst of character! Fold in an old-school fabric like velvet for a luxurious feel and a classic look, bringing a touch of luminosity to your scheme. Voila! You’ve got an eclectic, retro-inspired space brimming with comfort.