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A Guide to
Sofa Styles

Sofas are our bread and butter - so, it’s hard to pick favourites when it comes to style! Though, we understand that everyone has got their own preferences when it comes to look and feel. We’ve got a wealth of options for you to choose from, offering streamlined silhouettes, plush and cosy cushioning, and everything in between! Read on to discover what sets each of our sofa style categories apart…

Modern Sofa

At Arlo & Jacob, we believe that good design is equal parts form and function. Modern times call for furniture that suits our quotidian rhythms and makes the day-to-day that much more beautiful. Our Harriet sofa is a fresh style designed for modern living. It’s a boxy yet refined seat with a laid-back look to it, thanks in no small part to its removable loose cover. We think it’s the perfect piece for bringing a design-forward feel to your home, without losing sight of comfort and practicality. 

Traditional Sofas

Our range of traditional sofas are true design staples with a fresh Arlo & Jacob twist! They tend to be characterised by a fixed sprung back and low armrests, making them extremely comfortable sofas. Plump seat cushions are typically part of the deal, too, creating plush perches with a dash of heritage flare. Models like our Cartwright are excellent options for those who want to evoke a bit of old-school charm, while keeping the overall look current and clean. 

Classic Sofas

Who doesn’t love a classic, timeless style peppered with modern updates for an added layer of comfort? Ours are defined by sleek lines, state-of-the-art cushion fills, and meticulous detailing. The Agatha is a perfect example, with a smooth silhouette, luxurious upholstery, and hand-turned hardwood legs. You even have the option of adding castors to the feet for a bonus dash of classic charm!

Mid-Century Sofas

Style and design in the fifties and sixties evolved at a rapid pace. Furniture design, in particular, took on a whole new look with slimmer silhouettes as well as tapered, elongated legs, and slender, straight or sabre-style arms. Given mid-century sofas are enjoying a modern day resurgence, it’s no surprise that we have plenty for you to choose from at Arlo & Jacob. Leon has got the most dramatic, stylised look of our mid-century-inspired designs. Its boxy, angular frame is tempered by cylindrical side bolsters, creating a wonderfully geometric display. 

Comfy Sofa

All of our sofa styles are made for maximum comfort - but some of them truly stand out! These are plump, fully-stuffed seats with plentiful back cushioning and sometimes, additional scatter cushions, too! Our Hartfield is a prime example of a plush and supportive sofa, with its cushioned back, scrolled arms, and castored legs.

Scandi Sofas 

Scandinavian design is loved for its sleek lines, cosy textures, and fine craftsmanship. Henry is our take on the style, with one lovely, long bench-style seat. The seat and back cushions extend across the sofa’s width, creating a streamlined look. We’ve added hand-pulled buttons on the back to impart a bit of extra warmth and character. The result is a model that draws upon a rich design history, while offering an extra layer of handcrafted intrigue. 

Small Sofas

A small sofa can go by many names! Some refer to it as a loveseat, or even a snuggler. Whatever you call them, ours are practical and punchy additions to a stylish home. They’re effectively compact sofas that are made for one or two people to enjoy. They’re ideal for hallways, bedrooms, offices, and all living rooms. Depending on the style of snuggler you go for, the size can vary quite a bit. For instance, our classic Grace snuggler is smaller than our Cartwright or Noah. In fact, almost all our sofa families have a snuggler option, so you can be sure to find a perfectly personal option to suit your space!

Deep Sofas

Many of our deepest sofas are modular designs. These are sofas with seats that extend back nice and deep so you can kick up your legs and really get comfortable. They’re perfect for home theatres, where you can tailor models like our Otto to suit the job using almost endless combinations of purpose-made individual units. We’ve made sure to adapt more than just the seat cushions to lounge-style living. Sturdy arms and high backs make our deep sofas ideal for laying back and enjoying a chilled night in.