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Energising Your Home with Plants

A Conversation with Leaf Envy

House plants are one of life’s little joys! There’s something so satisfying about starting out with a humble sprout and watching it grow into a true feature piece of the home. Leaf Envy founder, Beth Chapman sees plants as natural works of art - and just like a painting or poster, they can be used to style a space and change its ambiance dramatically. The beauty of a plant, however, is that it never stops changing, creating a sense of dynamism within its space. Buying a plant or two is a small investment you can make today to breathe new life into your home right away - and then come back to thank yourself years down the line when it’s flourished into a jungle-esque marvel! So, to start you off on the right foot, we connected with Beth to glean some of her top tips...

Which are your favourite visually impactful plants for bringing a big, energetic boost to an interior scheme?

My favourite statement plants are those with full foliage leaves like the Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig or Kentia Palm. They can be used to frame areas of the room and create instant "jungle" impact. I have a 3m Fiddle Leaf Fig, which is my pride and joy at home. I'm also a huge fan of rare plants, with interesting leaf aesthetics. My favourite smaller rare plants include the Anthurium Clarinervium which is fairly easy to look after and the Variegated Monstera - which can be a bit more tricky, but I place her in an area in my home which has good ambient light throughout the day. She's basically a piece of artwork in my home and always gets compliments! My favourite hanging plant is the Philodendron Micans. She has stunning dark burgundy, velvet leaves. I have a plant shelf over my dining room table, and she gives me joy every time I look at her and see her grow! I've had her for 5 years...and counting.

What are a few of the lowest maintenance plants you offer?

We have a large range of low maintenance plants in our Hard to Kill collection, designed for the busy or forgetful plant parent! A few of my favourites include, the ZZ Plant, Monstera Deliciosa, Monkey Mask Monstera, Golden Pothos and Desert Candle Cactus.

Are there any plants in particular you would suggest to bring a springy feel to the home?

The Peach Flamingo Flower is a favourite of mine for Spring time. She has beautiful pink leaves and is a flowering plant all year round, so gives constant joy. I'd also suggest the Pink Nanouk for spring, her variegated pink, purple and white leaves are beautiful and as a trailing plant, she can grow nicely over time, although she is a smaller potted plant to begin with.

Are there any original ways of displaying houseplants that you particularly like?

I'm a big fan of attaching trailing plants to walls, to frame the fireplace and staircase! I have a 4-year-old Golden Pothos, which trails all the way down our staircase! Plants become a work of art this way. Actually, I only have two pieces of artwork in my home - instead, I use plants as my art.

Want to bring a breath of fresh air into your home? Check out Leaf Envy’s selection of spectacular plants to suit all lifestyles! And be sure to follow them on Instagram for inspiration on how to show them off to maximum effect.

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