Home Décor Ideas: 3 ways to transform any space with Stitched + Arlo & Jacob

New home or simply decorating? We’ve paired up with curtain + blind experts, Stitched, to give 3 top tips on how to transform any space...

Stitched x Arlo & Jacob living room

Play with Colour

When you walk into a space what’s the first thing you notice? Colour! Colour can affect how you interpret the atmosphere within seconds. It has the ability to create something dramatic or a tranquil haven, whatever your desired mood.

Stitched x A&J curtains

A handy colour wheel is a trusted tool that removes all the guesswork out of creating any colour schemes. A popular look is a complementary scheme, this includes selecting colours that are opposite one another on the wheel. Usually, of the two, one colour will be more powerful and the other more subtle, a mixture of these, paired with neutrals creates a space with bags of personality, without feeling overwhelming.

Both Stitched and Arlo & Jacob offer a wide array of colours and textured fabrics. Stitched and Arlo & Jacob samples packs are there to guide you towards the perfect colour scheme, with Stitched packs offering a handy colour wheel too! Let the transformation begin!

Transform your space with Texture

Create your own multi-sensory space using texture. When texture is used well it can add dimension, warm and visual interest. Most importantly, it can inject more of your unique personality and style into your home.

Physical and visual texture, through interesting fabrics and materials are the perfect way to add warmth and individuality. We find a balanced mix of fabrics with varying textures works best.

Although there is no right or wrong, selecting fabrics all depend on the desired style of the space. Stitched have a recently launched Velvet range, Velvet is a fantastic example of a ‘have-to-touch’ material that has a super luxurious feel. Take a look at the modular Bertie sofa from Arlo & Jacob pictured here in Cotton Velvet, Burnt Umber.

Bertie chaise sofa

Bertie is a versatile piece thanks to its modular design and fitted, removable cover, making it ideal to update along with your interiors. This fairly heavy fabric works best when paired with a lighter material such as linen or cotton. Explore the range of over 120 fabrics from Arlo & Jacob and order your free swatches here.

Functional and practicality is also key. A curtain for example, has a much longer life in a sunny room when it’s been lined. That’s why with all Stitched curtains + blinds we give the option of unlined, lined or blackout, the choice is yours.

Give your windows some TLC

double curtains

Give your windows the love they deserve! How you cover your window can make or break a room but are often overlooked. The possibilities are endless and the right pair of curtains or blinds can make all the difference.

Not only can curtains and blinds add texture and colour to a room, but they are often the perfect touch that brings a scheme together. Looking for luxury? You’ll love curtains with a generous pooling, to create that opulent look. Or maybe you’re after something Scandinavian? Pure linen blinds add privacy and are made from natural fibres, making them the perfect option. You can check out Stitched’s lovely fabrics here, and even better - they’re all eco friendly too!

To coincide with this season’s trend for natural materials and textures, Arlo & Jacob have launched a special collection of highly textured, natural fibre fabrics that work together to create a cohesive and smart interior. Designed to be layered on top of one another to create depth and interest, they are all soft to touch and incredibly durable. Find out more about the Spring/Summer Fabric Collection.

Aside from creating a beautiful feature, window treatments give you the power to adjust a room’s lighting and temperature. Curtains and blinds also have fantastic insulation qualities, which are better for both the environment and your pockets!

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