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As we bid farewell to the decade, and its minimalism trend, now is the time to take the plunge and embrace bold, sumptuous home accessories. Emphasise your personal style this winter with tactile fabrics, sensual velvet and rich accent colours. Uplifting escapism has eclipsed the need for a sparse, featureless space and as too has our choice in accessories. For this Christmas our top 5 trends in home accessories showcase confidence and personality

Because the festive season is our special time why not create a calm Christmas home interior. Transforming your Christmas living room into a family haven means embracing some of the most soothing trends of 2019 and beyond. Now is the time to bring uplifting design elements into our home and create a calm filled Christmas. Focus on soft, natural tones that move away from the harshness of red and white that normally dominates Christmas schemes.

We're in a regal mood this winter. The interior trend for navy blue has reached new heights thanks to its link between heritage and high fashion. Discover the new Marple sofa and create your own majestic style. Bring the feeling of updated heirlooms into your home by including witty accessories all with blue or white highlights.

3 Ways To Keep Your Festive Décor All Year


Here at Arlo & Jacob, Christmas is and will always be our favourite time of year. Going home feels like walking into a Winter Wonderland, and the decorations and lights are instant happiness boosters. It’s no wonder that so many of us wish we could keep the festive feeling and decorations in our home past New Years. We’ve come up with three ways to keep your festive décor no matter the season.

Gold Pinecone decorations


Take advantage of nature

When you think of Christmas decorations, you wouldn’t be wrong if all that comes to mind is little Santa figurines, however, if you start thinking about the winter season rather than Christmas day, you can make sure decorations last the year. Things like pinecones, trees & snowflakes are all synonymous with winter. Paint your pinecones gold or silver (whichever goes best with the rest of your décor) and place them in a beautiful glass bowl or vase with some lights and you have an accessory that will look beautiful all 12 months of the year.

Colour scheme is key

Sadly, any red and green Christmas decorations probably won’t work after the holiday period as those colours are associated with Christmas day. So when thinking about the colour scheme for your Christmas decorations, gold, silver and white work best if you want to extend them into the following months.

Re-think traditional decorations

We all have decorations that are an absolute must during Christmas, it just wouldn’t be the same without them, but sometimes it can be fun to stray away from tradition. We love the idea of framing winter images or magazine covers and hanging them around the house. It’s a subtle nod to the season that you could keep up well into the summer months if you wished.