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Back to the '70s

1970s design, interiors and to some extent fashion, often gets a bad press. Referred to as the decade that taste forgot, or the lost years of style. But as we take a look back at this culturally pivotal decade, we see an era of great importance. Industry tastemakers have predicted that we’re about to see a whole lot more of it, too.

Interiors, like their fashion bedfellows, are cyclical. Everything usually finds its way back into vogue again.

Nostalgic Trip

There’s comfort in nostalgia. When times are uncertain or difficult it’s natural to want to return to an era that was easier, happier or more comfortable. An age with less stress and responsibility. For many of us, this could be childhood memories. 

In terms of interiors this nostalgia could be the colours, patterns and furniture from family homes. Can anyone else remember curtains, sofa and wallpaper all in the same print? There may have been matching clothes too...

1970s Revival

Today’s nod to what’s considered to be the end of the Mid Century Modern period in interiors is more subtle. Colour too is earthy, with an absence of less intense colours, a homage to the brown and orange tones we associate with the era. 

In our contemporary homes we welcome textural accents and natural materials: wicker, rattan and macrame are paired with inviting boucle fabrics - this era was ALL about using layers of texture. Warm colours - to match the earthy tones used in 70s interiors are the perfect backdrop.

Plant Based

Plants have been having something of a renaissance for the last few years, adding to the Mid-Century vibes.  Smaller plants grouped together create a table piece while large architectural plants add drama and life to the scheme.

The Furniture

Mid century style sofas and chairs, like the Ferdinand sofa and Clara armchair, mix in the earlier trends of the 1950s and ’60s. Upholstery fabrics such as textured boucle, deep velvet and corduroy are the perfect choices.

Keep It Clean

Often associated with Maximalism, with lots of knick-knacks and ornaments, it’s possible to achieve a more contemporary, cleaner take on the 1970s trend.  Focus on making the sofa, sideboard, coffee table, rug, art, plants and lighting the stars of the show. Use cushions and other soft furnishings to add texture but keep it clean.  The best of the ’70s in a minimal scheme. And not a matching curtain and dress combo anywhere to be seen. 

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